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Determinants of healthcare utilization among senior citizens in Davao City, Philippines

M Alipio, JD Pregoner - JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research, 2020 -
20 days ago - As the number of senior citizens increases, issues regarding their utilization for
healthcare services are becoming highly relevant to discuss. This study aims to evaluate the
potential determinants of healthcare utilization among senior citizens in Davao City …

Education during COVID-19 era: Are learners in a less-economically developed country ready for e-learning?

M Alipio - Available at SSRN 3586311, 2020 -
57 days ago - Drawn on the existing pandemic and potential shift to full e-learning, this study
has focused on the descriptive evaluation of readiness for e-learning of higher education
students in a less-economically developed country. This is a descriptive online survey …

[PDF][PDF] A Path Analysis Examining the Relationship Between Access Barriers to Health Services and Healthcare Utilization Among the Publicly Insured: Insights from a …

M Alipio - 2020 -
67 days ago - Background: Although the National Health Insurance Act (NHIA) of 2013 has
been widely successful in expanding coverage, insurance alone may not translate into
access to quality healthcare for everyone. Even among the insured, substantial barriers to …

[PDF][PDF] A Framework for Predicting Radiologic Physics Achievement among Radiologic Technology Students

M Alipio - 2020 -
70 days ago - Background: Radiologic Physics is one of the most challenging professional
subjects in the Radiologic Technology (RT) field. It encompasses a wide range of physics
concept, calculations, and real-life imaging practices. As observed, most of the students …

Structural Models of Self-Efficacy of Filipino Radiologic Technology Educators, Current Learners, and Prospective Students in the Senior High School

M Alipio - 2020 -
70 days ago - This study aims to explore three different structural models of self-efficacy for
Filipino Radiologic Technology educators, current learners, and prospective students in the
senior high school. Subjects were 256 Radiologic Technology educators (102 males and …

Determinants of tuberculosis incidence in East Asia and Pacific: A panel regression analysis

M Alipio - Available at SSRN 3576661, 2020 -
70 days ago - Background: Tuberculosis (TB) remains one of the world's deadliest
communicable disease. To circumvent surges of TB cases, several studies have been
carried out analyzing the determinants of TB incidence and recommended policy measures …

[PDF][PDF] National Radiologic Technology Licensure Examination Performance: Predicting Success using Discriminant Analysis

M Alipio - 2020 -
71 days ago - This study was designed to identify variables that might be used as predictors
for success on the national Radiologic Technology licensure examination. The census
sample consisted of 2,036 graduates of a baccalaureate Radiologic Technology program in …

[PDF][PDF] Academic success as estimated by locus of control and motivation

M Alipio - 2020 -
71 days ago - Dropping out from undergraduate education, an indicator of academic
success, is costly for students, parents, and society in general. Therefore, the early
identification of potential dropout students is important. The contribution of personal features …

[PDF][PDF] Adjustment to college and academic performance: Insights from Filipino college freshmen in an allied health science course

M Alipio - 2020 -
71 days ago - This paper aims to know the relationship between the level of adjustment to
college and academic performance of first year Radiologic Technology students of a higher
education institution in the Philippines. A descriptive-correlational study using survey …

[PDF][PDF] Public Policy and Program Administration in the Philippines: A Critical Discourse

M Alipio - 2020 -
71 days ago - This study was conducted to explore and describe the current public policy
and program administration in the Philippines. The approaches, roles, scope, practice,
contributions, and discipline of public administration was first discussed, followed by the …